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The color forecast is out for 2011!  Check out the new color trends for this year as forecasted by Benjamin Moore!

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Are you looking for a new application for your walls?  Try some paintable wallpaper to liven things up!  Most people cringe at the idea of wallpaper but it has actually come a long way since the gold and green stripes in your grandma’s house.  Don’t be afraid of it!  Take a look at these modern applications that can be applied in a powder room, children’s room or as an accent wall.

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Fall is a time for a little bit of updating.  Often times people will update their homes just in time for the holidays in preparation for lots of entertaining.  Fall evokes the feelings of comfort, warmth and security where people tend to stay in their homes more and light a crackling fire.  Here are ways you can translate those feelings into paint and give your home an updated look for the season!        


People tend to have a strong emotion towards reds.  You either love it or hate it.  Here are some reds that are beautiful and warm for fall.         

Current Red (Benjamin Moore)

Tucson Red (Benjamin Moore)


Spanish Red (Benjamin Moore)



The color orange can be a little overwhelming.  However, if it’s used within the correct context it can be warm and charming!     

Pumpkin Patch (Benjamin Moore)


Bronze Tone (Benjamin Moore)

Sweet N’ Sour (Benjamin Moore)



Gold is the shade of yellow for fall and definitely a color that comes to mind when you think of leaves turning color.  This can be a cheerful color and used in a modern setting it won’t remind you of your grandmother’s old sofa! 

Buttercup (Benjamin Moore)


Eye Of The Tiger (Benjamin Moore)


Spicy Mustard (Benjamin Moore)












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The $15,000 question…how can you get good quality furniture for less?  It can be done, but you might have to sacrifice instant gratification as well as convenience.  The first thing that you should know about the markup of furniture is that if it’s made locally the markup will be less.  So find out where the furniture is made and go to the source.  The furniture capital of the U.S. is High Point, North Carolina.  Not all furniture is made there, of course, but most brands will most likely be manufactured in NC somewhere.  If you live on the west coast there will be a charge for the furniture as well as a big shipping and handling fee that will be passed onto the retailer, marked up and then passed onto you, PLUS sales tax on top of that.  If you do your homework you can eliminate some of the markup.  Once you have found a piece of furniture you like at a retailer in your area, get as much information about the piece as you can from the sales person.  Ask for a cut sheet or a specification sheet which will have all the information you need.  Look for the name of the manufacturer, the name of the furniture collection, if there is a number that is associated with the piece, dimensions and fabric names and numbers that you like.  After you have gathered all of this information, lookup the furniture manufacturer and find out where the furniture is manufactured.  If it’s in NC, go to http://www.highpointfurniture.com/ and you can browse the various furniture stores’ websites for brands that they carry.  Either call or email a sales associate from their site with specific information regarding the furniture that you are interested in and they can give you a quote including shipping based on where you live.  I have personally used Furniture Land South and they were great!  A few things to keep in mind, however, is that you might be waiting four months or more to receive your furniture.  It usually has to be constructed and then put on a full truck when they have a delivery to your area.  So you will need to be patient!  Secondly, ask who is responsible should your furniture arrive damaged off the truck.  Thoroughly, inspect the furniture once it’s delivered to your home for damage.  If it does arrive damaged, do not accept it!  If you do accept a damage piece you might be held responsible for it. 

So, if you are willing to do a little homework and don’t mind the waiting game, you can save hundreds of dollars on good quality furniture.  Even though you might be paying quite a bit for delivery, you will be saving a lot on retailer markup as well as sales tax and the overall cost will be less.  I have saved a couple hundred dollars on one sofa alone!

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The 4th of July is right around the corner and this is our inspiration to decorate with a red, white and blue color palette!  Although it is a patriotic color palette, the primary colors of red and blue work well together and are pleasing to the eye.  The warm red with the cool blue are complimentary colors and the white seems to break things up a little.  There are many ways to make this patriotic color palette work without having to place stars and stripes everywhere.  However, if stars and stripes is your thing, then let’s not make it tacky, shall we?  Here are some rooms that are tastefully decorated in red, white and blue both traditional and contemporary.


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E-decorating is essentially virtual decorating no matter where you live!  Yes, the interior design industry is hopping on the cyber bandwagon!  You can do everything else virtually, why not decorating!

E-decorating is a web-based interior design service where the designer never steps foot in the room.  This is a cost effective and convenient design solution where design services are faster and less expensive than the usual terms of a designer-client relationship. 

How does it work?

These design services are conducted online where clients typically e-mail photos of their rooms, fill out a questionnaire and pay a flat fee.  The first step is to fill out the e-decorating questionnaire to give the designer the scope of the project.  Once the questionnaire is received by the designer and pictures of every wall in the room along with measurements and inspirational photos, the designer can give the client a quote and begin working on the design. 

What will you receive?

Every designer may choose to include or offer different services.  However, at Campbell Designs you can expect to receive:

- Inspiration board that will act as a tool for both the client and designer.  This will give a general idea and style of the overall design.  

- Floor plan that will detail how to arrange everything in the space.  This will give the client the ability to see the completed design and a checklist to purchase each piece in the room. 

-Design collage that will show the client each piece that should be purchased for the design and how they all go together. 

- Shopping list that details each piece that needs to be purchased along with all the information you need to make the purchase.  It will be as detailed as possible to ensure that everything is purchased accurately and quickly.

How much does it cost and how long does it take to be completed?

Generally, the charge will be a flat fee and will be completed within a few weeks.  However, the scope of every project varies in size so it is important to contact the designer for a detailed quote. Payment in full is usually required with the questionnaire before any work will commence. 

For detailed information about E-decorating with Campbell Designs, please click here!

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For those of you who have kids, you might be overwhelmed with the massive amounts of toys that are taking over every space in your home!  Have no fear!  Managing toys is simply an organizational process that can be aesthetically pleasing while not breaking the bank.  Once the toys are dealt with, create designated areas for other activities such as crafts, reading, etc. 


Expedit Bookshelf Ikea $69

The Expedits cubed book shelf from Ikea comes in different finishes and different sizes.  The doors and drawers are add ons for an additional cost and will keep loose items contained.  This bookshelf is extremely sturdy and heavy if you are worried about Ikea quality.  The wheels are add ons as well.  Another way to keep loose toys in this piece, is by using plastic square bins or soft sided bins that can be easily pulled out.

Trofast Storage System by Ikea

The Trofast Storage System by Ikea ranges in price depending on what pieces you put together.  Mix and match colored bins which are sold seperately.  Bins slide easily and are great for holding toys.

Bulk Bins From Pottery Barn Kids $99

These bulk bins are new from Pottery Barn Kids for $99.  These also come in different finishes.  I think these are pretty reasonably priced considering their quality and other similar pieces range from $139-$150.

Madison Bookcase from Pottery Barn Kids $99

This bookcase from Pottery Barn Kids is also only $99 and comes in different finishes.  This piece is great for holding toys, books, crafts, etc.

Storage Chest by Ikea $99

This storage chest from Ikea is only $99, or buy one at an unfinished furniture store and paint your own.  This can be used for holding blankset, toys, stuffed animals, etc.

Three Shelf Bookrack by Pottery Barn Kids $99

This 3 shelf bookrack from Pottery Barn Kids is only $99.  It also comes in different finishes.  This bookrack is great because it sits on the floor at kid level.
3 and 4 Tier Shelf by Overstock

This 3 or 4 tier shelf can by purchased at Overstock for $58 for the 3-tier and $89 for the 4-tier.  It comes in pink or blue only, but probably can be painted on your own.


Tabletop Easel by Costco $39

This tabletop easel by KidsKraft is sold at Costco online for only $39.  The great thing about this is that it sits on a table and can be folded and put away when not in use.  One side of this easel is dry erase the other is a chalkboard and it can also be used with paper.

Activity Table by Costco $299

This activity table sold at Costco online is $299.  It is a little more expensive, but will probably last for quite sometime.  Besides being an activity table it also has storage space.  It comes in an espresso finish or white.

Kritter Table by Ikea $25

Kritter Chair by Ikea $13

This table and chair set by Ikea are very reasonable priced and come in fun colors.  They may not last too long but could be perfect for what they need to be used for, for short periods of time.

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The guest bedroom is the perfect place to implement a design that would be a little out of the ordinary.  While the master bedroom is your sanctuary, the guest bedroom is a place where guests will stay for short visits.  Since you will not be in the room constantly you don’t have to worry too much about the choices that you make.  Don’t be afraid to make bold decisions that are a little out of your comfort zone.  Make the room fun, yet inviting and most importantly comfortable (but not too comfortable or your guests might not want to leave!).  Make your guest room special for your visitors and don’t hesitate to add the element of surprise!

Add a little something extra to your guest room to make your visitors feel welcome.  Here are some ideas to accessorize your guest room that will make it more than just another room in the house and will show a little extra hospitality.

Add some fresh flowers to your bedside table.

Carafe of water and glass

Alarm Clock

Add a throw blanket to your bed.

Basket filled with goodies

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Lighting is a crucial design element when it comes to accessorizing and decorating your home.  “Lighting is not simply to eliminate darkness; it is a creative ingredient in successful design,” said Deborah Kreye, ASID, interior designer with Vogue Interiors.  Part of a design plan needs to include how to illuminate a space effectively and not to simply focus on the fixture itself.  Make sure that your rooms are correctly illuminated with just the right amount of light.  Over-lit or under-lit rooms can become uncomfortable rooms to be in.  To know if a room is illuminated correctly take the total number of watts in the room (generally a 4″ can will have a 65 watt lamp) and divide by the square footage of the room.  You want to be as close to .8 as possible.  Here are some examples of different lighting applications. 

Creating A “Path” Of Light 

Use wall sconces to create a subtle “path” of light through the home.  This can create a directional visual element to lead people in a logical progression. 


Lighting Artwork 

Highlight artwork in your home with spot lighting or track lighting.  Spot lighting can be focused directly on one piece whereas track lighting can illuminate an entire gallery. 

Track Lighting

Spot Lighting

Lighting For Architectural Details 

Architectual details of a home can be accentuated with lighting.  Highlight a recessed cove with concealed cove lighting. 



Ambient Lighting  

Ambient lighting can be either direct of indirect.  Ambient lighting can be a hidden light sources that washes a room with a glow.  Temporary ambient effects can be achieved with a dimmer. 



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