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The color forecast is out for 2011!  Check out the new color trends for this year as forecasted by Benjamin Moore!


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Gray is the ultimate neutral.  It looks good with just about any color and ranges from cool to warm.  Gray can provide the perfect anchor color and can also be used to offset moldings, flooring and ceiling in a room.  Because gray looks good with just about any accent color you can’t really go wrong!  Check out gray with these hot new color trends for 2010!

Gray and Yellow

Add a little cheerfulness to your gray with a beautiful yellow!  If you have gray floors, gray walls or gray bathroom tiles work with what you’ve got to incoorporate color.

Gray and Turquoise

Turquoise is a hot color this season and will surely make any room pop with color!  Blue evokes a calming emotion and between that and gray this color combo will keep you at ease.

Gray and Orange

Orange is becoming more and more popular these days despite how much your mom may hate it!  If you use it sparingly you might not hate it 20 years later as much as your mom does.

Gray and Pink

So, pink might be a little touchy especially for the guys or if you live with a guy!  Chances are, that you might not get your husband to agree with pink in a common area, but you might be able to swing it in a children’s room or guest bedroom.  However, if you live alone this could be the perfect color palette just for you!

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Green, the color of St. Patty’s Day…but do you really want to wear it?  Well, that might depend on the shade of green and where you are going to be sporting this fabulous color.  A color that you choose to wear should be suitable for your age, your surroundings and if it looks good with your complexion and hair color.  A similar set of rules apply to interior design when choosing a color for the interior or exterior of your home.  Do you ever wonder why someone painted the exterior of their house turquoise or bright purple?  Well if you find the answer, please let me know!

Just because you “like” a color does not mean that you need to smear it all over the inside and outside of your house.  Consider the following when you are deciding  on a color to paint the interior or exterior of your house.

Overwhelmed with all the different paint brands and color options to choose from?  Narrow it down starting with brand.  Quality and price are usually a consumer’s two main deciding factors.  My favorite brand of paint these days is Behr Ultra.  Behr Ultra makes your life a little easier and who doesn’t want that!  This new line of Behr Paint is a primer and paint in one and it was rated number one by Consumer Reports for all three sheens (flat, satin and semi-gloss) where it tests for hide and coverage, mold and mildew, scrubability, fading and price.  Behr Ultra covers very well and you will not have to paint over that red wall fourteen times.  The Ultra line also has a very nice color palette.  There are a lot of mid-tones and earth tones to choose from.  If you are still overwhelmed with color options however, chances are, you can eliminate at least one-third of the color palette.  Consider the context of your house and if bright bold colors will actually work, if not eliminate them.  The color palette of your entire house should flow together.  You don’t want to shock grandma as she walks around the corner and sees something totally out-of-place from the rest of the house like a bright fuschia wall!  If you do want to be a little daring, however, choose bold colors wisely.  Make an accent wall a brighter color that accentuates your furnishings and architecture of the room, don’t paint the entire room that color.  Remember, a little goes a long way!

Does the color you chose coordinate with the rest of the environment?  With interior paint, choose a color that coordinates with your furnishings, carpet and moldings.  These are the big things in the room that will most likely not be changed.  With exterior paint, choose a color that is appropriate for where you live.  If you live in Seattle for instance, earth tones are very pleasing and coordinates well with the natural environment.  Rarely, does a hot pink house look good in the Pacific Northwest!  However, bright bold colors are more common and appropriate in the south.

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