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The color forecast is out for 2011!  Check out the new color trends for this year as forecasted by Benjamin Moore!


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Are you looking for a new application for your walls?  Try some paintable wallpaper to liven things up!  Most people cringe at the idea of wallpaper but it has actually come a long way since the gold and green stripes in your grandma’s house.  Don’t be afraid of it!  Take a look at these modern applications that can be applied in a powder room, children’s room or as an accent wall.

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Fall is a time for a little bit of updating.  Often times people will update their homes just in time for the holidays in preparation for lots of entertaining.  Fall evokes the feelings of comfort, warmth and security where people tend to stay in their homes more and light a crackling fire.  Here are ways you can translate those feelings into paint and give your home an updated look for the season!        


People tend to have a strong emotion towards reds.  You either love it or hate it.  Here are some reds that are beautiful and warm for fall.         

Current Red (Benjamin Moore)

Tucson Red (Benjamin Moore)


Spanish Red (Benjamin Moore)



The color orange can be a little overwhelming.  However, if it’s used within the correct context it can be warm and charming!     

Pumpkin Patch (Benjamin Moore)


Bronze Tone (Benjamin Moore)

Sweet N’ Sour (Benjamin Moore)



Gold is the shade of yellow for fall and definitely a color that comes to mind when you think of leaves turning color.  This can be a cheerful color and used in a modern setting it won’t remind you of your grandmother’s old sofa! 

Buttercup (Benjamin Moore)


Eye Of The Tiger (Benjamin Moore)


Spicy Mustard (Benjamin Moore)












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Gray is the ultimate neutral.  It looks good with just about any color and ranges from cool to warm.  Gray can provide the perfect anchor color and can also be used to offset moldings, flooring and ceiling in a room.  Because gray looks good with just about any accent color you can’t really go wrong!  Check out gray with these hot new color trends for 2010!

Gray and Yellow

Add a little cheerfulness to your gray with a beautiful yellow!  If you have gray floors, gray walls or gray bathroom tiles work with what you’ve got to incoorporate color.

Gray and Turquoise

Turquoise is a hot color this season and will surely make any room pop with color!  Blue evokes a calming emotion and between that and gray this color combo will keep you at ease.

Gray and Orange

Orange is becoming more and more popular these days despite how much your mom may hate it!  If you use it sparingly you might not hate it 20 years later as much as your mom does.

Gray and Pink

So, pink might be a little touchy especially for the guys or if you live with a guy!  Chances are, that you might not get your husband to agree with pink in a common area, but you might be able to swing it in a children’s room or guest bedroom.  However, if you live alone this could be the perfect color palette just for you!

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