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Looking to get the most use of space out of your home?  Check out these space-saving ideas that are practical, functional and fun! 

Desk Bed

Make your office serve a dual purpose.  These modern desk beds are a perfect space-saving idea.  It acts as your office desk and when guests are in town the desk converts into a Murphy bed. 

Wood Coffee Table With Additional Seating

Glass Coffee Table With Additional Seating

These space-saving coffee tables are a perfect solution for when you need additional seating in the family room or living room.  They are easy to access and when not in use, are conveniently stored under the coffee table and out-of-the-way. 

Office In A Closet

Don’t have a spare room for your office?  No worries!  Get The Container Store’s  office in a closet.  You can have a fully functioning office right in your closet.  And when it is not in use, it stores neatly away behind your closet doors for no one to see your mess. 

Toy Storage

Store kids toys without having it look tacky!  Use a cubed bookcase or partition and insert storage bins filled with your kid’s toys.  Bookcases of all sizes can be found at Ikea or various furniture stores.


Closet System

Now this one is not surprising, but the usage of closet systems lets you maximize those small closet spaces.  To do it for less, go to a place like the Container Store, have their associate design a layout on their software program and then take the printout of the parts and pieces you need to Home Depot or Lowes and buy the less expensive system.  It will work just as well as the fancy closet systems!

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