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E-decorating is essentially virtual decorating no matter where you live!  Yes, the interior design industry is hopping on the cyber bandwagon!  You can do everything else virtually, why not decorating!

E-decorating is a web-based interior design service where the designer never steps foot in the room.  This is a cost effective and convenient design solution where design services are faster and less expensive than the usual terms of a designer-client relationship. 

How does it work?

These design services are conducted online where clients typically e-mail photos of their rooms, fill out a questionnaire and pay a flat fee.  The first step is to fill out the e-decorating questionnaire to give the designer the scope of the project.  Once the questionnaire is received by the designer and pictures of every wall in the room along with measurements and inspirational photos, the designer can give the client a quote and begin working on the design. 

What will you receive?

Every designer may choose to include or offer different services.  However, at Campbell Designs you can expect to receive:

– Inspiration board that will act as a tool for both the client and designer.  This will give a general idea and style of the overall design.  

– Floor plan that will detail how to arrange everything in the space.  This will give the client the ability to see the completed design and a checklist to purchase each piece in the room. 

-Design collage that will show the client each piece that should be purchased for the design and how they all go together. 

– Shopping list that details each piece that needs to be purchased along with all the information you need to make the purchase.  It will be as detailed as possible to ensure that everything is purchased accurately and quickly.

How much does it cost and how long does it take to be completed?

Generally, the charge will be a flat fee and will be completed within a few weeks.  However, the scope of every project varies in size so it is important to contact the designer for a detailed quote. Payment in full is usually required with the questionnaire before any work will commence. 

For detailed information about E-decorating with Campbell Designs, please click here!


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